Just wait… And you’ll see!


Hi folks, we’re back with some updates for you.

As you know, in the last months we worked (and still working) on Running Ben, but now there’s something new in Gaminaction’s world.

We listened your feedbacks and advices and we decided to expand the good experience of BOOTZILLA the Game, with a brand new project: a game that we hope you will enjoy… 😉

Wind Waker HD by Nintendo

Wind Waker HD (Nintendo)

At this time almost everything (name, UI, game mechanics) is a work in progress, so… Just a little more patience. 🙂

Our motto is: do what you can and ASAP! 😀

So, stay tuned… and soon you’ll see…

Waiting MEME

Waiting face.


As always, we thank you all for your attention.   🙂

BOOTZILLA the Game is #1! :D


Hi, we are very happy to announce that our first published game, BOOTZILLA the Game is an official smash hit on App Store and Google Play, and #1 for days in the “Music Games” rankings.  🙂


We want to say Thank you! to all who are enjoying playing and leaving amazing positive comments.

If you haven’t played BOOTZILLA the Game yet, you can find it on Apple Store or Google Play.

Bootzilla - Gameplay Screenshoot

Please continue helping us to improve sending us feedbacks;

Bootzilla - Main Menu Screenshoot your support and suggestions are crucial for us.   😉

Thanks again.

This is the day!


Bootzilla - Main Menu ScreenshootAnd today is the day!

Our first mobile game is available con App Store and Google Play: Bootzilla The Game.

It is the definitive game for DJS From Mars‘ Real Fan!

Djs From MarsDJS From Mars are an international dj duo included in the DJ Mag Top 100. They are known for their mash-ups of popular songs turned into electro dance music and wearing cardboard boxes on their heads while playing live. They performed at a number of night clubs and events over the world. If you love music, you’ll love DJS From Mars. If you love DJS From Mars’ you have to play this game.

Bootzilla - Gameplay ScreenshootWe developed 20 levels with exclusive music tracks and a great opportunity: download for free the newest DJs From Mars’ Album: Bootzilla Vol.2 – Home and Club Edition.

Enjoy the Official Video Trailer!