Running Ben, the brainstroming is on!


Hi folks, here we are again with our monthly recap.  🙂

What happened in October in Gaminaction world?
As you know, we are working on our new project, the endless runner for mobile devices “Running Ben“.

We spent the last weeks developing the game concept, designing the backgrounds, and starting to visualize Ben’s enemies… Brainstorming Time! 😀 

Ben is ready to go!

Ben is ready to go!

We can’t tell you too mutch about the story by now, but you will find below some sketches our awesome designers made: take a look! 🙂

Last time we explained why we chose an endless runner game, but… It’s not that simple.

We know there’s a lot of stuff out there, and we would like to do something… Slighlty different. The real question is: how?
Everyone knows that an endless runner game is all about… Running away, collecting (usually) coins, power-ups and… That’s all.

Well, we will try to add a “final purpose”, that adds meaning to every single run the player will do.

How? Just wait and see. 😉

Boss sketch - Scary, ah? ;-)

Boss sketch – Scary, ah? 😀

Running Ben  -  Character scale chart

Ben and the aliens. Size does matter!

Meet Ben, our new (old) action – running hero! :-)


Hi folks, here we are again after the beautiful experience of Bootzilla the Game with a new project for a mobile game. Take a look.  😉

All started with an image: a man… running.  🙂

Yes, we were talking about a running game for a while, so now we decided is time to try.

Why a running game? Because we like’em, they can be very fun (if well designed) and, above all, relatively easy to produce (we’re not an “AAA games kind of” Software House…  yet.  :-D).

The game genre was decided, then. Now the real challenge: what kind of style, and character, we had to choose?

The obvious answer seemed to be: cartoon – fluffy  – chubby –  furry – fantasy – candy – childy – animals with human behaviours… But. Meh.  😐

Mighty Adventure (PixelTrap)

Maybe too obvious. 🙂

Yes, we like cartoons, and yes, we think mobile games need to be more “easy” to watch and understand, but… Is it possible to try something similar but… Different?

Candy Crush Saga (King Digital Entertainment)

Candy Crush Saga (King Digital Entertainment)

We thought to start with the basic, and see what happened. So, a man… Who runs. Basically… a running man… Running man… Yes! That’s it!

Only one man can save us, as he used to do when we were children.  🙂

Arnold!   😀

The Running Man – OST (Tristar Pictures)

Well, we must confess, half of us was born in times when heroes in TV and Movies were super steroid pumped machos with big cigars and flamethrowers and… We miss them!

Yes, we still can have their “Rest Home” version (*coff! coff! Expendables *coff!), but… We prefer to remind them younger and… Botox-free!  😀

So, instead of chubby rabbits or furry pandas… A Man, with capitol “M”!  🙂

Here you find some preliminary  sketches made by our talented artists of… Ben.

We think this is the perfect name for a Man who runs: a Running Ben. 😉

Running Ben prot.

Running Ben sketch 01

Runnin Ben sketch 02

Runnin Ben sketch 02

More details soon…   Stay tuned!   😉